5G Exposure, causal effects, and risk perception through citizen engagement

The GOLIAT project (5G expOsure, causaL effects, and rIsk perception through citizen engAgemenT) is an integrative and transdisciplinary project aimed at providing responses to some of the questions raised by the new wireless technologies, with a special focus in 5G. The project is funded by Europe H2020.

In the scope of the GOLIAT project, researchers from different European countries measure the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) exposure, particularly from 5G, provide novel insights into its potential causal health effects, and understand how exposures and risks are perceived and best communicated using citizen engagement.

Mat White, Senior Scientist, and Nina Vaupotič, Post-Doc, both associated with the Vienna Cognitive Science Hub and the Environmental Psychology Group at the University of Vienna, are investigating people's risk perception of RF-EMF and 5G in particular. They are primarily interested in understanding the attitudes and knowledge about the relationship between 5G and health by analyzing and comparing mental models of experts, non-experts and individuals who identify as highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, Mat and Nina are working closely with the lead University of Exeter (WP6) on developing and conducting a large international survey on risk perception, exposure reduction, and physical and mental health effects of 5G.

 Involved team members