Danube in Vienna with sunset over the city.

BlueHealth has increased understanding of how urban blue spaces can affect people’s wellbeing.

The majority of Europe’s population live in urban areas characterised by inland waterways and coastal margins. The interdisciplinary research has combined large-scale survey data with localised interventions to understand the effects these environments might have on health.

The recommendations will help decision makers and communities promote health through access to good quality blue spaces, informing the development of towns and cities fit for the future.

This project started in January 2016 and finished in December 2020.

Austria was not one of the original 18 countries, so Mathew White extended the project to collect data from a representative sample of over 2,500 people in Austria in October 2020. Results explore how the Austrian population interact with green and blue spaces for their health and well-being and Mat is keen to speak to any Austrian-based researchers about using this data.



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