Nina Vaupotic, PhD

Nina is a post-doctoral researcher who is working on the public perception of environmental risks in the frame of two Horizon Europe projects. As part of GOLIAT, she is using in-depth qualitative interviews to explore experts' and non-experts' mental models of the impact of 5G technology on people's health.

In addition, as part of SOS_ZEROPOL, she is conducting a large quantitative survey in several European countries to capture public perceptions of threats and solutions related to different environmental pollutants, from microplastics to underwater noise.

Before joining the University of Vienna, she was a PhD student and research assistant at the University of Münster, where she worked on topics related to trust in science, public engagement with science, and intellectual humility. She holds a BA and MA in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana.

 Curriculum Vitae

PDF (January 2024)

 Nina's recent activities

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Gaining insight into one’s own and experts’ knowledge by explaining: an experimental study

Nina Vaupotic , Dorothe Kienhues , Regina Jucks
Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
.8.2021 - .8.2021

Grab a drink and talk science: How scientists adapt their talks for informal science communication event

Nina Vaupotic , Friederike Hendriks , Lukas Gierth , Dorothe Kienhues
the 16th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference (PCST 2020+1)
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
..2021 - ..2021

Epistemic Change in the First Year of Studying Psychology in Six European Countries

Nina Vaupotic , Peter Edelsbrunner
EARLI 2019
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
..2019 - ..2019

Showing entries 4 - 6 out of 14