Valeria Vitale, MSc

Valeria Vitale is investigating the potential impact of childhood exposure to natural outdoor environments on adulthood, using the dataset of the BlueHealth international project. Specifically, she aims for a deeper understanding of whether and how childhood exposure to nature might have long-term implications, in terms of health and well-being, as well as behavioural aspects (i.e., pro-environmental behaviours). She is especially interested in how emotions affect our behaviours and cognition and how our affective states are also influenced by external factors in our everyday life. During her master’s dissertation, she focused on the restorative qualities of natural elements, exploring the potential benefits of indoor plants on emotional states and working memory.

 Valeria's recent publications

  • Sun, R., Balabanova, A., Bajada, C. J., Liu, Y., Kriuchok, M., Voolma, S. R., ... & Sauter, D. (2020). Psychological wellbeing during the global COVID-19 outbreak.