Sandra Geiger, MSc

Sandra Geiger is a PhD researcher in the Environmental Psychology Research Group with Mathew White and Sabine Pahl. Before joining the University of Vienna, she completed a research master’s in Social Psychology and Psychological Methods at the University of Amsterdam.

Her work focuses broadly on pro-environmental behavior change, including what people think others think about environmental problems (second-order beliefs), as well as how interventions influence non-targeted behaviors (spillover effects). She is also interested in Bayesian statistics and hopes to contribute to making psychological research more transparent, reproducible, and sustainable.

She is affiliated with the Junior Researcher Programme where she helps to develop the scientific aspects of the program, including organizing a summer school and implementing open science.

 Curriculum Vitae

PDF (May 2023)

 Sandra's Selected Publications

  • Geiger, S. J., White, M. P., Davison, S. M. C., Lei Zhang, Oonagh McMeel, Paula Kellett, & Lora E. Fleming (2023). Coastal proximity and visits are associated with better health but may not buffer health inequalities. Communications Earth & Environment, 4, 166
  • Crüwell, S., Apthorp, D., Baker, B. J., Colling, L., Elson, M., Geiger, S. J., ... & Brown, N. J. (2023). What’s in a badge? A computational reproducibility investigation of the Open Data badge policy in one issue of Psychological Science. Psychological Science
  • Geiger, S. J. (2022). Pro-environmental behavior spillover. Nature Reviews Psychology, 1, 191-191.
  • Geiger, S. J., Vintr, J., & Rachev, N. R. (2022). A reassessment of the Resistance to Framing scale. Behavior Research Methods, 1-13. 
  • Ruggeri, K., Panin, A., Vdovic, M., Većkalov, B., Abdul-Salaam, N., … Geiger, S. J., ... & García-Garzon, E. (2022). The globalizability of temporal discounting. Nature Human Behaviour, 6(10), 1386-1397.
  • Jarke, H., Anand-Vembar, S., Alzahawi, S., Andersen, T. L., Bojanić, L., Carstensen, A., ... & Geiger, S. J. (2022). A roadmap to large-scale multi-country replications in psychology. Collabra: Psychology, 8(1), Article e57538.
  • Pröpper, H. Y., Geiger, S. J., Blanken, T. F., & Brick, C. (2022). Truth over identity? Cultural cognition weakly replicates across 23 countries. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 83, Article e101865. 
  • Legate, N., Ngyuen, T. V., Weinstein, N., Moller, A., Legault, L., … Geiger, S. J., ... & Ogbonnaya, C. E. (2022). A global experiment on motivating social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(22), Article e2111091119.
  • Geiger, S. J., Brick, C., Nalborczyk, L., Bosshard, A., & Jostmann, N. B. (2021). More green than gray? Toward a sustainable overview of environmental spillover effects: A Bayesian meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Psychology, Article e101694.
  • Ruggeri, K., Većkalov, B., Bojanić, L., … Geiger, S. J., … M., Cikara, M., Lees, J., & Folke T (2021). The general fault in our fault lines. Nature Human Behaviour, 1-15.
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  • Tanis, C. C., Leach, N., Geiger, S. J., Nauta, F., Dablander, F., van Harreveld, F., … Blanken, T. (2021). Smart Distance Lab Art Fair - An experimental data set on social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nature Scientific Data, 8, Article e179.